What We Do

Rotary Clubs around the world bring together business people with a singular purpose: to help others.  We call it “Service above Self.”  When you join Rotary, expect to find diversity: men and women; all ages; business owners, business leaders, doctors, lawyers, accountants, scientists and on and on.  You will meet and become friends with people that travel in other business and social circles.

Rotary “meets” virtually every week of the year, though we conduct no business.  Instead we eat, we socialize, we listen to a speaker, and we head back to work — all in one very compact hour.  In fact, Rotarians around the globe have a good natured reputation for ending meetings promptly on time – even if the speaker is still speaking!

Rotarians also are always working on some project to help others – sometimes big and sometimes small, sometimes local but not unusually international in scope.  When a flood or an earthquake hits, Rotarians from around the world will be involved in rescue operations.  We also are the leader in a worldwide campaign to eliminate polio.  We build wells and schools.  We support medical missions.  We  conduct exchange programs to bring students and business people from all backgrounds, all countries, all races and all religions together for world peace.

Here are the Top 10 reasons for joining OUR Rotary Club:

  1. You will learn the joy of “service about self.”
  2. You’ll meet men and women from all walks of business.
  3. Every Thursday you will be re-charged by great, energetic business leaders.
  4. You’ll learn something about topics you never knew existed.
  5. You’ll have fun!
  6. You’ll do many, many good things for people in our community.
  7. Our weekly speakers will continually provide you with interesting cocktail conversation.
  8. You’ll laugh, even when your day might not be going as planned.
  9. You’ll socialize with some of High Point’s most interesting people.
  10. You’ll proudly join the global family of Rotary International, which is  making the world a better place, one project at a time.